1. What is the difference between getting your record expunged v. sealed?

    RI Expungment

    Rhode Island Criminal Lawyer Files Motion To Expunge and Seal Records For The Accused: Your case has ended, your court fees are paid and you have no other obligations or ties to the courthouse. Except, now you want your record gone so a future job, school or other establishment is unaware of your prior situation….

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  2. Charged With Calling In Bomb Threat: Dismissed

    Fall River Bomb Threat

    Massachusetts Criminal Attorney Noah Kilroy Provides Zealous Defense of Clients: Client was charged with calling in a bomb threat after at a local Fall River Dunkin’ Donuts after allegedly being told the store did not have his favorite coffee flavor– butter pecan. The store was evacuated and a bomb-sniffing dog had to be brought in…

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    RHODE ISLAND DEFENSE LAWYER NOAH KILROY PROTECTING THE RIGHTS OF CLIENTS: The client was issued a citation on the Fourth of July at India Point Park in Providence for Illegal Possession of Fireworks. In Rhode Island, the penalty for such an offense turns on whether an individual is in possession of at least $500 worth…

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    Prison cell block.

    PAROLE LAWYER ADVOCATING FOR THE PAROLE RELEASE OF HIS CLIENT FROM THE ACI: The client is arrested and convicted of Second-Degree Murder in Rhode Island.  The client is sentenced to 50 years to serve in prison. After serving roughly 25 years, and being denied multiple times by the Rhode Island Parole Board, the client hires…

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  5. Charged With An Ounce Of Cocaine: Client Gets Drug Diversion Program


    The client is stopped in Jamestown, RI for a traffic offense. After a check on the client’s license, it comes back as suspended.  An inventory search of the car reveals an ounce of cocaine. The client is charged with possession of an ounce to a kilogram of cocaine. If convicted, the client could face up…

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  6. How Can I Get My Probation Terminated Early?

    Rhode Island has just codified a new rule which allows for the early probation termination, assuming that certain criteria are met.  This court rule was codified as part of a statewide effort to reduce the number of people currently on probation, as Rhode Island has one of the highest rates of probationers across the country….

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  7. How Much Good Time Can An Inmate Get?

    In Rhode Island, after a defendant has been sentenced to serve time at the Adult Correctional Institute (“ACI”), they generally become eligible to receive a good time. Good time, as the name suggests, is credit given to an inmate for good behavior while in prison.  This credit is in the form of actual days shaven…

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  8. First Degree Robbery in Rhode Island: Parole Granted

    Prisoner entering his cell.

    The client is arrested and convicted of First Degree Robbery. The client is sentenced to serve 15 years at the Adult Correctional Institute.  After serving nearly half of his prison sentence and being denied parole multiple times, the client hires Parole Lawyer Noah Kilroy to represent him before the parole board. Rhode Island General Laws…

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  9. Possession Of A Gun While Committing A Crime of Violence: Dismissed.

    Noah Kilroy Helps To Get Client’s Firearm Charges Dismissed: The client is arrested in his apartment in Pawtucket, Rhode Island, and charged with possession with intent to distribute heroin, cocaine, and crack-cocaine.  The client is also charged with possession of a firearm while committing a crime of violence.  Rhode Island General Laws 11-14-3 provides in…

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  10. What Are The Bail Guidelines In Rhode Island?

    Attorney Helps To Secure Bail For Clients: In Rhode Island, the setting of bail is always within the discretion of the court regardless of the offense, and cannot be prohibited by statute.  The primary purpose of bail, be it of the pre-trial or the post-conviction variety, is to assure a defendant’s appearance in court at…

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