1. What is a Dangerousness Hearing, In Massachusetts?

    Massachusetts Dangerousness Hearing

      In Massachusetts, a “Dangerousness Hearing” may be held to consider if a person is a danger to the community. Under Massachusetts General Laws Chapter 276, Section 58A, a person may be held without bail for a period of 120 days should one lose such a hearing. At a dangerousness hearing, the Commonwealth must prove…

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  2. What is the difference between getting your record expunged v. sealed?

    RI Expungment

    Rhode Island Criminal Lawyer Files Motion To Expunge and Seal Records For The Accused: Your case has ended, your court fees are paid and you have no other obligations or ties to the courthouse. Except, now you want your record gone so a future job, school or other establishment is unaware of your prior situation….

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