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When an individual is accused of a sex crime, it may be the single-most embarrassing and devastating ordeal he or she ever experiences. Moreover, a sex crime accusation very seldomly affects just the accused; families and communities may be torn apart. Unlike some other “lesser” crimes, a mere accusation of a sex crime may have life-altering and career-ending consequences. It is therefore not surprising that a sex crime conviction can cause irreparable harm to one’s future. The reality is that sex-crime convictions can carry long prison sentences, potential targeting by other inmates, and humiliating and cumbersome monitoring requirements after release from prison. With the potential consequences so severe, it is crucial that you contact an experienced criminal defense firm that specializes in the defense of those charged with sex crimes.

Some examples of sex crimes that our lawyer at Kilroy Law Firm routinely and successfully defends include the following:

  • Sexual assault and battery
  • Rape
  • Creation, possession, and/or distribution of child pornography
  • Sexual harassment
  • Statutory rape
  • Human trafficking
  • Prostitution
  • Incest
  • Indecent exposure
  • Child molestation
  • Lewd conduct
  • Solicitation

We help defend clients right from the beginning.

At Kilroy Law Firm, our skillful and experienced Rhode Island sex crime defense attorney and legal team handle a sex-crime case from the moment we are hired by conducting initial investigations and diligently working through the final trial. When necessary, we handle appeals in order to achieve the best possible outcome for our clients.

In sex-crime cases, the beginning phase of an investigation is crucial. In many instances, we work closely with clients before they are even arrested on any charges. This allows us to help and advise clients with regard to requests solicited by law enforcement and/or prosecutors.

A client talking to his lawyer in Rhode Island about his sex crime defense case.It is important for us to hear each and every client’s version of what exactly happened that led to his or her arrest and the resulting charges. Our Rhode Island sex crime defense attorney understands that not every situation is black and white; oftentimes, the testimony of those involved may be conflicted, convoluted, or implausible. Since many sex crimes are charged based on the alleged victim’s testimony, we must evaluate how to approach the accuser at trial, and furthermore, whether our client should testify at trial to tell his or her side of the story. These decisions are not always easy; we assess all possible strategies before taking a specific course of action. Once we do that, we use our firm resources and relationships with experts to build our case.

Generally, forensic evidence plays an integral role in any sex-crime case. The evidence has drastic effects on the stories conveyed by both the defense and the prosecution. Our Rhode Island sex crime defense attorney has significant experience working with experts to assess all relevant forensic crime-scene evidence, medical reports, sexual assault exam reports, and many other types of evidence. We understand that there are scientific and medical elements involved in the vast majority of sex crimes, and we pride ourselves in translating these complex issues into understandable and persuasive information for the court and jury to evaluate.

The consequences of sex crime convictions may never dissipate.

We understand that there is a litany of negative consequences associated with the conviction of any type of sex crime. We keep these potential consequences in mind while we vigorously defend our clients’ cases. In addition to prison time and financial penalties, there are also many other punitive measures that convicts may face, including the following:

  • Probation
  • Mandatory registration on sex offender registry lists
  • The imposition of no-contact orders
  • Reduction or loss of child custody
  • Mandatory enrollment in sex offender education programs
  • Loss of employment (and/or the inability to gain employment in the future)
  • Damaged relationships

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At Kilroy Law Firm, we work tirelessly to provide aggressive and affordable representation to protect your career, reputation, and freedom. As a former prosecutor with experience prosecuting sex crimes, Noah J. Kilroy uses this experience to navigate the judicial and penal systems to achieve the best possible outcome. Attorney Kilroy possesses a comprehensive understanding of how to address sensitive, graphic, and inflammatory topics with the court and juries. Most importantly, at Kilroy Law Firm, your legal team will conduct thorough factual and legal research to determine your best possible defenses.

When you retain our Rhode Island sex crime defense lawyer at Kilroy Law Firm, you can be assured that we will zealously advocate for your rights.

Penalties In Rhode Island And Massachusetts For Sex Crimes

Pursuant to Rhode Island and Massachusetts law, most sex crimes are considered to be felonies. The specific penalties levied against you will depend on the facts and circumstances of the charge, your criminal history, and other factors.

Our experienced legal team also handles other types of criminal charges cases, including:

If you or someone you know is being charged with a sex crime or preparing for a prison sentence as a result of a sex-crime conviction, it is critical that you contact Kilroy Law Firm for a free consultation. Call or text us and speak to an experienced Rhode Island sex crime defense lawyer.

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