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What is Title IX?

Title IX is the federal civil rights law, enacted as part of the Education amendments of 1972, that prohibits sex-based discrimination in any school or any educational program or activity that receives federal funding.

Title IX Defense Lawyer

What is the scope of Title IX?

Title IX applies to any school or educational program or activity that receives federal funding in the United States, the District of Columbia, and territories of the United States. Kilroy Law Firm serves all colleges and universities in the Rhode Island and Massachusetts area ,including but not limited to:

  • Providence College
  • Rhode Island School of Design
  • Brown University
  • University of Rhode Island
  • Johnson and Wales University
  • Roger Williams University
  • Salve Regina University
  • Bryant University
  • Rhode Island College
  • Community College of Rhode Island
  • Boston College
  • Boston University
  • Northeastern University
  • Suffolk University
  • Babson College
  • UMass Amherst
  • UMass Dartmouth


What you need to know about Title IX

Title IX has continued to evolve and grow into an area of concern for many students, employees and support people. Participants of any Title IX process often express confusion and a lack of due process throughout the conduct process, particularly for those accused of misconduct.

Kilroy Law firm aims to amplify your due process rights by confidently representing its clients in all aspects of the Title IX process. Kilroy Law Firm completely understands the challenges that parties face when navigating Title IX complaints and works diligently to restore the rights of parties who may feel their rights have been violated.


Title IX, Due Process and Rights

Under Title IX, parties are entitled to fundamental fairness and due process, which requires fairness and impartiality. Due process and rights, under Title IX, assure that parties are given certain procedural protections when they have been accused of sex-based misconduct, which includes:

  • sex-discrimination;
  • gender discrimination;
  • sexual assault, stalking;
  • dating violence;
  • fondling;
  • incest;
  • rape or statutory rape;
  • harassment;
  • sexual misconduct; or
  • sexual violence.

Title IX procedures require that colleges and universities provide a fair, prompt and impartial investigation and resolution process for any allegations for sex-based misconduct, discrimination and harassment.


How Kilroy Law Firm can assist in your Title IX process

When an individual learns that they are being accused of any allegations under Title IX, Kilroy Law Firm can help. Any person accused of a Title IX complaint is entitled to an advisor who can advise them throughout all aspects of the process. While a party may choose anyone to be their advisor, Kilroy Law Firm has the knowledge, experience and time to holistically protect your rights under this process.

Kilroy Law Firm has the experience to advise you through all aspects of the Title IX process. We will assist you in:

  • Understanding the allegations and corresponding notices
  • Counseling the involved party on the relevant school policies and procedures
  • Identifying, examining, and preparing relevant evidence on behalf of the involved party
  • Preparing the accused party to participate in their investigation interview(s)
  • Accompanying the accused party to their investigation interview(s)
  • Preparing any written challenges to any draft and final investigation report(s)
  • Advising and accompanying the accused party to their hearing
  • Preparing and assisting the accused party for any appeal, if necessary
  • Advising and accompanying the accused party to their appeal, if necessary
  • Assessing and determining any viable legal grounds against the related college or university following a Title IX process

Contact Attorney Noah Kilroy today at 401-855-9023 schedule your consultation. Kilroy Law Firm offers Title IX services for cases in Rhode Island and Massachusetts.

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"Quality, efficient, attentive are just a few words to describe the type of services you receive. He was able to answer everything and explain all matters to me thoroughly. He always kept things professional and always made sure I understood exactly what was going on. There was nothing that went on that I wasn't aware of. If you want adequate and the best representation then hire him!"
- Simone Cotton

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