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A conviction for a theft crime may negatively and lastingly impact a person’s life well after the court imposes penalties. Whether a felony or misdemeanor, a theft crime may result in a lengthy prison sentence, significant fines, court costs, and restitution. It may even affect, quite negatively, your ability to gain or maintain employment, your ability to participate in volunteer work (including with your children’s school), and current or future child custody matters. Moreover, a theft-crime conviction may also impact your ability to obtain and renew certain professional licenses.

At Kilroy Law Firm, our Rhode Island theft crime defense attorney has significant experience defending a litany of theft crime cases. Our clients have been charged with misdemeanor theft crimes as well as federal felony offenses. We pride ourselves on our ability to vigorously defend each and every one of our clients, and our hard work definitely pays off. Don’t hesitate to contact us today. The firm has a very successful track record in theft crime defense. Each theft crime is unique, and it is advisable to meet with a skilled Rhode Island theft crime attorney as soon as possible after an arrest. And, while theft crimes are not always black and white, here is a general description of some of the many theft crimes that our legal team routinely and successfully defends:


Robbery is a specific type of theft crime charged with an individual who uses or threatens to use force or violence. In these cases, prosecutors typically push for very aggressive and harsh sentences due to the violent nature of the crime.


Many types of theft crimes fall under the umbrella of larceny. Generally, a larceny charge is brought against a defendant when he or she took another person’s property with the intent to permanently deprive that person of the property. Depending on the value of the property, the charges and penalties range from misdemeanors and fines to felony charges and lengthy prison terms. As proven Providence larceny legal team, the Rhode Island theft crime defense attorney at Kilroy Law Firm is very experienced at raising all possible defenses to larceny charges, such as consent by the property owner and/or lack of intent to steal – just to name a few.


An individual charged with shoplifting is accused of willfully taking goods from a store (or any type of business) without paying for those goods. Shoplifting charges are not always misdemeanors; and, depending on the value of the property, the nature of the circumstances, the defendant’s criminal record, etc., shoplifting may be charged as a felony.

Home Invasion

In very basic terms, an individual is charged with the violent crime of home invasion when prosecutors can demonstrate that: 1) the defendant entered someone else’s home – either knowing or having a reason to know that someone was home; 2) that the defendant remained in the home while armed (with a dangerous weapon); and 3) that the defendant used or threatened to use force upon an individual in the home.


When you think of fraud, you probably think of tricksters and liars. There are many types of criminal acts that fall under the umbrella of fraud. In its most basic form, an individual commits fraud when he or she knowingly makes a false statement as to a material (e.g., substantial and important) fact, intending that someone detrimentally relies on the false statement. The crimes of identity fraud and credit card fraud are increasingly on the rise in both Massachusetts and Rhode Island.


When prosecutors charge an individual with burglary, they must sufficiently demonstrate that the defendant participated in the breaking and entering of a dwelling with the intent to commit a crime. The prosecution must prove that both elements were present – the breaking and entering and the criminal intent – in order to get a conviction. The penalties for a burglary conviction are quite severe, and often include a prison term of several years (and can include a sentence of life in prison in extreme circumstances). Speak with our Rhode Island burglary attorney for more information.


The theft crime of embezzlement also falls under the larceny umbrella. Embezzlement scandals often make the news due to their interesting storylines. However, embezzlement is no laughing matter. Essentially, an individual may be charged with embezzlement when he or she holds someone else’s property with the intent to convert the property.  In essence, embezzlement happens when a defendant receives funds honestly, but then converts those funds fraudulently. The fact that you intended to repay the stolen property is not a valid defense against embezzlement.

Penalties for Theft Crimes in Rhode Island and Massachusetts

An attorney handling a theft crime case in Rhode Island.The Kilroy Law Firm Massachusetts and Rhode Island theft crime defense lawyer offers a highly coveted combination of practical expertise, success, and vigorous dedication to our accused clients. Contact us today. The penalties for theft crimes can range from a year in prison to life in prison. Penalties may also include court fines and restitution, and they also may leave you vulnerable to subsequent civil suits.

Our experienced legal team also handles other types of criminal charges cases, including:

If you have been charged with a theft crime, please contact our firm immediately or send an online message so we can begin working on your defense. Speak with a highly-skilled Massachusetts and Rhode Island theft crime defense lawyer. The sooner that you engage with Kilroy Law Firm and speak with our experienced Rhode Island theft crime lawyer, the quicker we can leverage your case with the judge and prosecutor to work on getting your charges dismissed.

Or, if you have already been convicted of a theft crime charge and are preparing for a prison sentence, ask about our prison consultation services, in which our Rhode Island burglary lawyer has a proven track record of positioning our clients for an early release from prison.

The client is arrested and convicted of First Degree Robbery. The client is sentenced to serve 15 years at the Adult Correctional Institute.  After serving nearly half of his prison sentence and being denied parole multiple times, the client hires Parole Lawyer Noah Kilroy to represent him before the parole board.

After submitting a parole package (complete with a release plan) to the board, Attorney Kilroy is able to effectively advocate at the client’s hearing, that client should be released on parole. The client is given an immediate release and is able to go home to his family.

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