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Assault and battery charges are very serious, yet very distinct offenses. An Assault, generally defined, is any attempt to hurt another with force or violence. The offense may also consist of putting another in fear of violence. Battery, on the other hand, requires the unconsented touching of the body of another. If you have been charged with Assault and Battery, it is imperative that you do not delay in contacting Kilroy Law Firm today, so our Rhode Island assault and battery attorney can get working on your defense.

Defendants charged with assault or battery face serious repercussions if convicted. It is important to note that while an individual may be charged with both assault and battery simultaneously, the two charges are, in fact, separate and distinct offenses. Both of these offenses are considered misdemeanors, although there are certain circumstances where they may be considered felonies.

If you have been arrested and charged with assault and/or battery in Rhode Island or Massachusetts, it is critical that you contact a reputable, successful Rhode Island assault and battery lawyer with significant experience defending assault and battery charges. It is very important that you know all of your rights and possible defenses, and also that you have the utmost confidence in your lawyer and legal team. You will go through this ordeal together, and your lawyer will be a lifeline during this challenging time. Contact Kilroy Law Firm today so our team can begin working on your defense.

What is the difference between assault and battery?

Not surprisingly, assault and battery are two very “popular” misdemeanors charged in both Rhode Island and Massachusetts; court dockets routinely are filled with these cases.

A simple assault is charged to an individual when he or she puts someone in fear of unwanted touching. No actual contact must be made for an assault to take place. One example of assault is where an individual tries to punch someone, but the victim ducks, and the swing does not connect. If the victim feared he or she was going to be struck, the defendant’s actions constituted assault. Essentially, if a defendant acts in a way that puts the victim in fear of violence, that is considered assault.

Battery, on the other hand, is a different offense than assault in that contact must be made between the defendant and the victim. Battery is defined as the intentional touching of the body of another – without that person’s consent. Battery can include the simple (intentional) touch of a finger on someone’s body, or it can consist of a punch to the face. Many times, battery is just one offense among many charged to a defendant.

As mentioned, both simple assault and battery charges are misdemeanors and carry up to one year in jail, a $1,000 fine, or both.

Felony Assault

While simple assault is a misdemeanor in Rhode Island and Massachusetts, there is also a distinct offense known as felony assault, which as the names suggest, is a felony. Felony assault takes place if one or both of the following things occur: (i) a dangerous weapon is used in the assault; or (ii) the victim is seriously, physically injured as a result of the assault. Felony assault charges are very serious and may result in severe penalties.

Potential defenses available to the felony offense of assault with a deadly weapon

A skilled attorney with significant experience defending assault with a deadly weapon (ADW) charges will evaluate all potential defenses that may be applicable to a client’s case. There are numerous possible defenses, and the right lawyer will know how to evaluate the best options. Some defenses that the Rhode Island assault and battery defense attorneys at Kilroy Law Firm have successfully argued include the following:

  • Lack of a Deadly Weapon – In many cases, prosecutors charge defendants with ADW regardless of the “weapon” involved. However, the weapon may not always qualify as dangerous. In those cases, good assault and battery defense lawyers persuade the court that the object used was not as dangerous as dictated by the statute. As a result, the ADW charge may be reduced to simple assault, which is a misdemeanor.
  • Lack of Intent – When prosecutors bring ADW charges against a defendant, they must sufficiently demonstrate that the defendant had the intent to commit assault with a deadly weapon. If the prosecution cannot prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the defendant had the requisite intent, the charge may be dismissed.
  • Self Defense – In certain situations, a victim is permitted to use reasonable force against someone else when the victim is threatened by immediate, physical, bodily injury, and harm. In these cases, one may be able to argue self-defense.
  • Defense of others – As with self-defense, in some cases, an individual is permitted to use reasonable force against someone else when a third person is threatened by immediate, physical, bodily injury and harm.
  • Insufficient evidence – ADW cases are often difficult to prove because, in many situations, prosecutors do not have sufficient evidence to support the charge. If this is the case, a good assault and battery defense attorney will seek the dismissal of the charge.

Penalties for Assault and Battery in Rhode Island and Massachusetts

Misdemeanor assault and battery offenses carry a maximum of one year in prison and/or up-to a $1,000 fine, whereas felony assault and battery charges can result in up to 20 years in prison and/or over $1,000 in fines. The exact penalty will be contingent on the facts of the crime, a defendant’s prior criminal history, willingness for witnesses to come forward, and other factors.


Attorney, Noah J. Kilroy, has an impressive background with ample trial experience in criminal law matters. He is knowledgeable about misdemeanor and felony assault and battery offenses in Rhode Island and Massachusetts. He uses this knowledge and experience to formulate a customized legal strategy that is designed to the particular specifics surrounding your case.

A solid legal strategy requires determining what legal defenses apply to your case. Our firm will work diligently to get your charges dismissed, keep you out of jail, and keep charges off your record. Our skilled Rhode Island assault and battery defense lawyer has secured dismissals in assault and battery cases. He will investigate your case and analyze the prosecution’s evidence against you to craft a legal strategy designed for your case. If the prosecution’s evidence does not depict what it says it does, we can bring the truth to light. We hold prosecutors to their high burden of proof – to establish that a defendant is guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. If the prosecutor cannot meet this burden, we will use this information to fight for a dismissal or acquittal.  

As a former prosecutor, attorney Kilroy is familiar with strategies the prosecution uses and will anticipate their legal strategy. This provides him with the ability to build a case designed to demonstrate the holes in the prosecution’s case. We can use this strategy to try to get the charges dismissed, exclude evidence, or work to negotiate a favorable plea bargain on your behalf. We examine every legal angle to ensure that your rights are protected.

Attorney Noah J. Kilroy spent many years prosecuting assault and battery cases. Now, as a Rhode Island assault and battery defense lawyer with a successful track record of helping clients, he zealously and aggressively will advocate for you.

We firmly believe that you have the right to an effective defense that is also affordable. For this reason, we offer a Best Price Claim in which we will match any lower rate that an area attorney offers you – plus give you a discount of 10% more. We also offer affordable payment plans.

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