What is the Colin Foote Act, and how can it affect me?

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In Rhode Island, not all traffic tickets can be resolved by simply paying a fine.  In 2010, in an effort to prevent habitual traffic violators from putting others in danger of personal injury, the state legislature passed what is known as the Colin Foote Act. Rhode Island General Laws 31-27-24 specifically provides that:

“Every person convicted of moving violations on four (4) separate and distinct occasions within an eighteen (18) month period may be fined up to one thousand dollars ($1,000), and shall be ordered to attend sixty (60) hours of driver retraining, shall be ordered to perform sixty (60) hours of public community service, and the person’s operators license in this state may be suspended up to one year or revoked by the court for a period of up to two (2) years.”

In the Rhode Island Traffic Tribunal, as well as in municipal court, the prosecution must be able to prove each traffic offense by clear and convincing evidence.  For a driver to be subject to the above penalties under the Colin Foote Act, all four offenses must be one of the following:

31-13-4. Obedience to devices
31-14-1. Reasonable and prudent speeds
31-14-2. Prima facie limits
31-14-3. Conditions requiring reduced speeds
31-15-5. Overtaking on the right
31-15-11. Laned roadways
31-15-12. Interval between vehicles
31-15-16. Use of emergency break-down lane for travel
31-17-4. Vehicle entering stop or yield intersection
31-20-9. Obedience to stop signs
31-27.1-3. Aggressive driving

Have You Been Cited With A Traffic Ticket That Falls Under The Colin Foote Statute?

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