Why You Need a Lawyer to Defend You Against Your Criminal Charge

Welcome to the Kilroy Law Firm blog. As Rhode Island’s premier criminal defense lawyers, we are dedicated to aggressively pursuing justice and educating others about criminal law and more. Law can be intimidating and complex, and that is why we are here.  

Many people charged with crimes put off finding a criminal attorney until they have no other option. Do not make this mistake. The outcome of your case depends on getting an attorney. In this blog, we will outline the main benefits of getting a legal representative on your side.

  1. You need a professional spokesperson
    • Being arrested and accused is upsetting, and many people end up talking about their side of the incident, which often hurts their case more than it helps.
    • When you hire an attorney, you are able to privately explain what happened. From there, the attorney can take over communication with the prosecutor and the court.
  2. You need an experienced legal guide
    • The legal system is complex and best navigated by those who have dedicated their lives to it.
    • An attorney you can trust will help you cope when legal processes move quickly or very slowly, because they do both, and it can be very stressful if you do not understand exactly what is going on.

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