How Can I Get My Probation Terminated Early?

Probation TerminationRhode Island has just codified a new rule which allows for the early probation termination, assuming that certain criteria are met.  This court rule was codified as part of a statewide effort to reduce the number of people currently on probation, as Rhode Island has one of the highest rates of probationers across the country.   In order to be eligible to terminate your probation early, an applicant must be able to meet the following guidelines:

  1. You have been on probation for at least three years in the community;
  2. You have had no violations of your probation within the last three years;
  3. You do not have an active no-contact order against you;
  4. You have completed all of the terms and conditions of your probation, such as
    1. Community service;
    2. Restitution;
    3. Counseling;
    4. Court fines;
  5. You do not have any pending probation or deferred sentence revocation proceedings;
  6. You are not on parole in any state;
  7. You are not on probation, serving a suspended sentence, or serving a deferred sentence in any other criminal case in Rhode Island or in any other jurisdiction, with the exception of another Rhode Island criminal case where the term of probation, suspended sentence, or deferred sentence was imposed on the same date as the other sentence and the sentences were ordered to run concurrently; and
  8. You do not have any pending charges in any state.

Do You Want To Know If You Qualify For Early Probation Termination?

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