Burglary Amended Down to a Misdemeanor


Client gets arrested and charged with Burglary under Section 11-8-1 of Rhode Island General Laws. If client is convicted, client could face up to life in prison, but no less than 5 years in jail.  Middletown Police get a call about a man that allegedly broke into a house while residents were inside, and took a television.  When police respond to the scene, this man is no longer there.  However, witnesses inside the home identify client as the person who broke into their house.  A warrant is then issued for client, and client is subsequently arrested. Client then hires Theft Attorney Noah Kilroy.  Being that Burglary is a capital offense in the State of Rhode Island, client could be held without bail while his charge is pending. However, Attorney Kilroy is able to negotiate surety bail, and the release of client from jail.  After presenting evidence of inconsistencies within clients case to the prosecutor, Attorney Kilroy is able to get client’s charge of Burglary amended down to willful trespass, a misdemeanor offense.

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